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Gold's Gym Cardio Workout Review

I bought the Gold's Gym Cardio Workout 'game' for my Nintendo Wii in order to give me a little something extra to use when I'm working out in front of my television. I still use my treadmill and weight bench at home, but I do enjoy playing around on the Wii from time to time. I found this exercise game to be neat at first, but it ends up being rather simplistic and doesn't measure enough of your performance for me to want to stick with it.

This is mainly just a rhythm boxing game with a few added exercises. In order to get the full intended workout, you have to assume a boxing stance and weave back and forth in tune with the beat of the music and your on-screen trainer. When prompted, you have to throw various punches and the game measures your timing and form. While this all might sound cool, the execution of it all leaves something to be desired.

The main problem I had with this game is that it only measures your punches. There is nothing included to measure your rhythm and body movements, which really burns more calories than just throwing timed punches. Because of this, you can actually stand still and punch and the game does not know the difference. Without any kind of mechanism to actually measure how well you are keeping time with the game, it is easy to get your body out of sync and it not make any difference so long as you still throw the punch at the right time.

Another problem I had with this game was that it doesn't measure your punches very well. It barely even knows the difference between an uppercut and a hook, as it mainly just detects the motion. When you get to the workout sections where you have to block, it can be really frustrating because I had to use exaggerated movements just to make the game move my boxer out of the way.

One big selling point of this game, at least for me, was that it lets you use the Wii Balance Board. Unfortunately, it only lets you use the board during a handful of exercises. I was hoping to use the board during the core part of the game, but that is not an option. In my eyes, that was kind of misleading. The added exercises are nice and do make a good addition to the Wii Fit ones, but they don't provide enough to make me want to switch discs when I get done using the Wii Fit.

Another misleading thing about this game was that the back of the box shows a screenshot where it gives the results of a workout, and among those results is a calorie rating. To me, this implied that the game would measure your number of calories burned during a workout, which would be most awesome. In reality, all the game does is give you an estimated number of calories depending on the boxing workout, so depending on your flat weight bench and age, the number can be far from accurate.

The graphics are pretty good for a Wii game and it uses three different locations to the workouts, which was pretty nice. Most of the extra graphics on the location is just eye candy because it does nothing for the gameplay besides giving you something to look at for about three seconds before you start boxing training. The sound is also pretty good as it features a bunch of synthesized music, including a couple of familiar tunes like the classic Eye of the Tiger song made famous in Rocky. Exercise games like this aren't really made to impress with graphics and sound, but I will say this game does look and sound better than the bland Wii Fit.

I was disappointed by this game because it did not deliver the goods I expected, and some of the selling points on the packaging were misleading. The bottom line here is that I get more of a workout from a round of boxing in Wii Sports than I do in 10 minutes on the Gold's Gym Cardio Workout Cap Barbell Weight Bench.

Exercise Review of Bowflex Xceed Weight Bench

The Bowflex Weight Bench is a compact home gym workout blaster. This combines 65 professional gym exercises so you will not be lacking on any part of your body. You will get a full body workout on this machine. If you are beginner or a pro you can benefit form this home gym. You can use as little as five pounds of resistance or you can go all the way up to 310 pounds. As you can see you really can get a workout no matter what your fitness range is.

So, now I know that you might be wondering how much this costs and you can probably tell that this is going to cost quite a bit. Well, Bowflex Xceed retails for $1,599.00. However, if you really don't feel like paying the list price you can by this from Amazon.com for $999.00, this is a $600 savings! Also, this piece of equipment qualifies for free shipping.

So what else can you get out of this machine? Well, to start aren't we always a little concerned about our abs? I know I am and if you are not...well lucky you, you were one of the blessed few. There is an attachment that you can put on the Bowflex Xceed that will help target the core parts of abs and build up some tough muscles.

Also there is a great lat tower bar that can be angled sever different ways to enable you to build you shoulder and back muscles so much quicker. Also, you will be able to take advantage of the extension that allows you to do leg curls, leg extension and squats.

There is a guide that comes with the Bowflex Xceed Adjustable Weight Bench that teaches you how to customize your workouts. If you need detailed information on how to reach those hard to reach places then this is the machine for you; because it will show you how to reach those places and then show you how to customize a workout plan. In no time if you are consistent you will be whipped into shape.

Many of us don't have very strong lower backs, but with this machine there are several different exercises that help you to build up your lower back. This is important because this will shield you from having many back problems in the long run.

I like that this machine really emulates what you find at many gyms. So, you have the privacy of your own home and the professionalism of gym equipment Xmark Fitness Weight Bench! What can I say this is a great choice!

Review of Ab Lounge XL Weight Bench

The Ab Lounge XL Weight Bench is something that you may want to have in your home gym. It has very cool breathable seats. Along with the breathable seats are that Padded ISO- grip handles that make it so much easier to do certain exercises like the jackknife. The padded handles make it easier to do some of the exercises that are listed in the guide.

The foot pedals can be adjusted to make sure that you have the right settings for your height. The Ab Lounge will accommodate anyone from 4 feet, 5 inches and up! There is a quick release folding system that is easy to snap and then pull back on the lever fold.

One thing that usually turns me off from wanting to use home gyms in the first place is that fact that they are just not comfortable. You work hard on these machines, but they are in no way easy on your body to use. The thing that I really appreciate about his home gym is that you can workout as long and hard as you like and you will not feel strain in your neck, back and head. I think that is the reason why I would normally quit using these types of machines.

Another thing is that this machine was designed to help us with our form. Form is very important when we are working out, but sometimes it's really hard to maintain good form. With the Ab Lounge XL Olympic Weight Bench this really changes that problem you can workout and have great form the whole time. You may even begin to see that when you are not even using the machine that in your daily life that your form and posture is so much better.

Also, using this machine helps to relieve the stress that builds up in our neck and spine. I never knew how much stress gets built up in our neck and spine. However, it really does if you tend to wake up with a sore neck or back seems tense you lay down that is all built up stress. Doing exercise on the Ab Lounge on a daily basis will help to alleviate that problem. I think using the machine at the end of the day is so helpful to our physical well-being.

Here is what a happy customer from Amazon.com had to say about the Ab Lounge XL Marcy Weight Bench, "This chair really works. When I work out on it, I honestly feel my abs tightening up. I am really sore after working out on this chair. I have not had it long enough to see results but I think I will soon see a difference. The only draw back is it is very hard to fold up. I am a female with little strength and to fold this up and unfold every day is a bit strenuous. But overall, love this product!!!!"